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Hawaii Telcom Fiber Optic Install
Posted on Feb 1st, 2019

High Speed Fiber Optic Internet: Many owners are missing the true value of this new asset. All new properties built will have fiber optic cable. Older developments like ours, will not have this asset and will be less valuable on the resale market unless their management takes proactive measures to “wire” the community. The only way this will get done is if the whole community takes ownership and gets wired. By being an early adopter – we are the first existing property on the Kohala Coast to deploy fiber optic to the home – we ensured that Hawaiian Telcom absorbed all up-front costs for the installation. Your AOAO monthly fees include the payment for this service starting in 2019.
It is the responsibility of each individual owner to contact Hawaiian Telcom and work with the Site Manager to get the new wireless router installed in your unit, which we urge you to do as soon as possible.  Once installed, it will be the owner’s responsibility to discontinue service with Spectrum.
Phase III involves installation of the ONT and router in each apartment. Each Owner needs to complete and submit HI Telcom’s Bulk Internet Service Order Form (PDF link is below)to schedule this installation in your apartment. To submit your form, please use the email address and subject title below:
Email to:
Subject Title: The Fairways at Mauna Lani- Apt# (insert your apartment number here)
**Please be sure to CC ( in the email. This will significantly help if there are any problems with HI Telcom coordinating the Phase III install.
HI Telcom will process the forms in the order received, and will contact you to schedule installation.  High speed internet service will be turned on in your apartment as soon as the ONT and router are installed.  You then will be able to terminate your internet service with Spectrum or HI Telcom (DSL internet only) immediately.  Please submit the form for your apartment promptly to ensure a timely installation. The form is located on the Fairways website.
Hawaii Telcom Customer Service (808) 643-3456
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