The Island of Hawaii
The Island of Hawai'i is sometimes called the Orchid Isle or the Volcano Isle, but to its residents it's always "the Big Island of Hawaii." A Big Island vacation excites the senses and inspires the adventurer. You can hike into a volcano crater, catch marlin weighing hundreds of pounds, stare into the heavens from the snow-capped summit of Mauna Ke'a, and relax, swim, kayak, and snorkel at a black sand, white sand, or even green sand beach.
Legends say that the Big Island of Hawaii is the home of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. Using fiery lava, Pele shaped and formed her beloved islands. Ancient Hawaiians paid their respects to the goddess by presenting offerings to please her or placate her wrath.
The Big Island has 5 Volcanos:
Maua Loa 
Maua Kea 
The most active is Kilauea, In fact, Kilauea, is the world's most active volcano. It has been spewing lava continuously since January 1983. Situated near the southeastern section of the Big Island, Kilauea was once considered a part of Mauna Loa. Subsequent research, however, showed that Kilauea has its own magma-plumbing system. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the Big Island's top visitor attraction, offers a wealth of information about the island's volcanoes. With over half the acreage designated as wilderness, the park provides great hiking and camping opportunities.
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