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The Fairways at Mauna Lani Property Information
OVERALL SITE PLAN- includes property boundaries, dimensions, setbacks, and easements, location of existing sturctures, driveway access, swimming pool, ancillary structures, with reference points for roadways. 
OVERALL SITE PLAN- Includes parking stall numbers designated for the use of occupants residing on TFML property(including STVR)
PROPERTY INFO- Includes table indicating the square footages of each of the structures on TFML property. 
CONDO GROUND FLOOR PLAN- INCLUDES FLOOR PLANS A, B, C- Identifying the location and use of all rooms, eaves, and overhangs. 
CONDO SECOND FLOOR PLAN- INCLUDES FLOOR PLANS A, B, C- Identifying the location and use of all rooms, eaves, and overhangs.